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0236Having documented weddings for 5 years, where I was seeing older folks getting hitched, to now seeing peers taking the big step, I was asked recently how I feel about my journey thus far.

Fads come and go, but the meaning of the work remains. Photographing a wedding is a privilege.

My favourite part of the day starts when the day is dark, with me sitting in the bedroom of this barefaced individual getting her makeup done in the midst of a room she has spent a good part of her life in and is going to bid farewell to. That is as close as you can get. And how personal it is for a stranger to have intimate access to all facets of family, friends who are part of the fabric of who they are being there on this landmark day of theirs. The day then moves on quickly where Im constantly nagging at myself to produce a solid body of work, and it hopefully ends with a good drink, happy smiles and usually rather sore feet. Quite the experience it is.

I always feel lucky to be part of it.

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